Earley & Associates

The Content Guy is pleased to have been invited by Earley & Associates to present in their Semantic Technologies Jumpstart series this fall.  This free series runs every Thursday, from October 30th – November 20th, between 11:30 am – 1:00 pm ET. 

Join us November 6, 2008:

Implementing Semantic Search
Presented by Paul Wlodarczyk and Amber Swope

Semantic search helps business people find answers to pressing questions by wading through oceans of information to find nuggets of meaningful information.  In this presentation we’ll discuss how semantic search and content analysis technologies are starting to appear in the marketplace today.  We’ll provide a recap of what semantic search is and what the key benefits are, then we’ll answer the following questions:
• Is semantic search a feature, an application, or enterprise system?
• How can I add semantic search to my existing work processes?
• Will I need to replace my existing content technologies?
• What will I need to do to prepare my content for semantic search?
• Is semantic search just for documents or can I search my data too?
• Can I use semantic search to find information on the internet and other public data sources?
• Are there standards to consider?

This conference call is for implementers and decision makers of all technical levels including those new to semantic technologies.  We will introduce technical concepts in terms everyone can understand.

For more information on the other presentations in the Semantic Technologies Jumpstart series or to register click here.