Entries for April, 2009

Integrating Twitter with My Website

Before Spring Break I blogged a plea for help on integrating Twitter and blogging.  I got some great suggestions – most of them off-line. The biggest challenge I faced was trying to figure out my objectives for using Twitter.  I had basic integration of my tweets into the sidebar on my WordPress blog (using Twitter […]

Web 2.0 Overload

This week I’m getting over being a Luddite by finally joining Twitter,, and Technorati to integrate all my blogging, messaging, statusing, and micro-blogging.  If anyone has any bright ideas or best practices on all of this, please comment!

UIMA – First Standard for Accessing Unstructured Information

I posted earlier today at Not Otherwise Categorized… about the announcement last month of OASIS’s new standard for the Unstructured Information Management Architecture, Version 1.0.  Read all about it here:  OASIS Approves UIMA – the first standard for accessing Unstructured Information

Talis Enters the Public Linked Data Arena

Ever have a data set that was burning a hole in your proverbial pocket, and you just wanted to share it with the world, but had nowhere to put it?  Well now you do.  For some time now Amazon has made large data sets publicly available through their Public Data Sets – but these were […]

Are you on Glue? (Maybe you should be…)

Glue is a “contextual social networking” browser plug-in from Adaptive Blue.  Glue works automatically as you browse popular sites about books, music, movies, wines, restaurants, gadgets, stocks, actors, TV shows, and other web content.  The Glue bar appears in your browser and lists friends who have browsed the same content and their comments.  This week in Read Write Web, […]