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Weekly Digest for 2009-05-29

[metadata] Turn Tagging into Business Results: Take the Metadata Best Practices Survey [search] Steve Jurvetson: “All the problems of search would be solved if search relevance was ranked by what browsers were displaying.” [trends] Churchill Club Top Tech Trend#3: A deluge of unstructured data creates the next great information leaders [content management] via […]

How to Turn Tagging into Cash: Take the Metadata Best Practices Survey

We tag stuff to add meaning, and so that we and others – especially information systems – can find it. But is your approach to tagging business content effective? Find out – take the Metadata Best Practices Benchmarking Survey from Earley & Associates and Taxonomy Strategies.

Weekly Digest for 2009-05-22

[TheContentGuy] [Google Squared] If it’s about Search 3.0, shouldn’t it be Google Cubed? [metadata] See how you’re doing with Metadata Best Practices, and save $200 on Henry Stewart conference: [search] belatedly via KM World: Great article on Faceted Search best practices by my colleague Stephanie Lemieux [TheContentGuy] NOT presenting at DocTrain DITA […]

If it’s about Search 3.0, shouldn’t it be Google Cubed?

I’ve been trying to catch up on my surfing after losing a week to a hard drive failure and laptop rebuild.  One pretty big thing I missed was Google Squared (the other was Wolfram|Alpha – I’ll cover that in a separate post).  Google Squared is Google’s answer (or perhaps one of their answers) to semantic search […]

Weekly Digest for 2009-05-13

[content management] Great insight via Hakan re: OpenText acquisition of Vignette

Creating a News Digest for My Website

I’ve been looking for some time for a way to simplify how I repost headlines from news sources and blogs, so that I can aggregate them into my own “digest” page of items of interest to share with my readers, network, and followers.  Several things were important to me about how to do this: I […]