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SDL Announces the Acquisition of XyEnterprise, New Unit is SDL XySoft

The merger creates organizational stability, a seasoned and unified management team, a strong combined customer base, complete product offerings, and deep XML technical expertise.

Weekly Digest for 2009-06-26

[webcast] [search] Earley SharePoint JumpStart 4: 6/25 12:30ET “SharePoint IA vs. The Real World” Register: #spjs

Weekly Digest for 2009-06-19

[semantics] Michael Dunn: “Semantics is the marriage of aboutness, findability, and monetization.” #semtech09 [semantics] Huffington Post A/B tests headlines to improve findability #semtech09 [semantics] Dave McComb: gist – an upper ontology for business that is easy #semtech09 [semantics] Siri virtual assistant on iPhone is the coolest thing I’ve seen in years! #semtech09 [semantics] Tom Gruber: […]

SharePoint Jumpstart Webcast: Navigation, Metadata, & Faceted Search

Lars Farstrup, Farstrup Software Paul Wlodarczyk, Earley & Associates Earley & Associates SharePoint Jumpstart Series Thursday, June 18th 12:30 EDT Free.  Register here This session will cover issues in implementing an effective search experience and the range of available add-ons and compatible tools for extending SharePoint search functionality. As the volume of information creeps steadily […]

Hybrid Approaches to Taxonomy & Folksonomy – SemTech 2009

Tagging isn’t new – it’s been around for a dog’s age in internet years. But in the past few years some fresh ideas and tools have reinvigorated the social tagging world. These new approaches include an attempt to improve findability through a bit of structure and control. While the idea of adding control to folksonomy seems like going against the whole selling point of social tagging (flexibility, openness), it is bringing the tagging to a new level, making it more viable for practical use in enterprises.

Weekly Digest for 2009-06-12

[webcast] [search] Presenting Earley SharePoint JumpStart 6/18 “Navigation, Metadata, & Faceted Search” #spjs Register: [webcast] [search] Earley&Assoc “Making Basic SharePoint Search Work” today 12:30EDT #spjs Register: Speaking Wed 6/17 at #semtech2009 in San Jose: “Hybrid Approaches to Taxonomy and Folksonomy” w/ Richard Beatch

Weekly Digest for 2009-06-05

[search] Trends 2009 vs 2005: Use of Best Bets, faceted search, search log audits up ~10%. Tell us more: 63% of firms >100K employees: “Employees can’t find info needed to do jobs” is “significant business impact.” Tell us: 45.5% surveyed: “Duplicate info in multiple places difficult to maintain” is “key area for dept […]