Jeannine Bartlett, Senior Director, Information Management Solutions, Earley & AssociatesEarley & Associates
Avi Rappoport, Consultant, Search Tools

August 05, 2009
1:00 PM EDT

An enterprise search audit will determine where you need to specifically improve search processes.  Based on actual user behavior and system results, a search audit will provide hard data for a baseline evaluation of search effectiveness.  We’ll discuss types of search audits, approaches for gathering data and ways a search audit can pinpoint the needs for improvement  in system tuning, metadata and content management processes.

Jeannine Bartlett will present Strategies for Search Auditing

What’s in a search audit, and why should you consider conducting one? We’ll look at enterprise search security audits, a framework for measuring the enterprise search “experience”, and an approach to website search SWOT analysis. We’ll wrap up with a range of ideas for interpreting and leveraging search audit results.

Avi Rappoport will present Auditing Search: The Invisible Part

The searchable index itself doesn’t get much attention, but there are very important things there (or not in there) that define the quality of the search.  Search log top query and click-through metrics can indicate missing sources and other problems.  The index may need to update more frequently, it may have security and access control problems, it may be tuned for smaller disk space requirements, and the document store may be insufficient. Essentially a Search Audit should also analyze what’s in the index, what’s not, and why.

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