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Weekly Digest for 2009-11-21

This week’s twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Weekly Digest for 2009-11-14

This week’s twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Intelligent Content 2010: Making hay from 30 years of legacy content

Join us at Intelligent Content 2010When businesses implement intelligent content, they usually adopt a “day forward” strategy that assures all new content is “intelligent” (in XML and dynamically published), and they minimize the volume of legacy content to convert and migrate. Semiconductor equipment manufacturers – like many other capital equipment manufacturers – support products that last 30 years or more, so legacy technical content is critical to keeping that equipment up, running, and profitable for their customers. In this presentation, we’ll discuss one company’s unique pathway forward to intelligent content. Read more…

Weekly Digest for 2009-11-06

Twitter digest for the week of 11-6-2009