There’s some good news and some bad news for those of you looking for simple integrations between Twitter, your WordPress blog / web site, and other social networking sites. The good news is that HootSuite now has a direct integration with the LinkedIn and FaceBook APIs – so you can update your status directly from HootSuite. In the past you could update LinkedIn and FaceBook indirectly through  I’m now using HootSuite as THE place to post my tweets. If you recall my plumbing diagram from the last post on this topic as being complex, the one below is now MUCH simpler, thanks to HootSuite:

status and blogging

The bad news is that Alex King’s Twitter Tools stopped working for my weekly digest. This has been a problem for me and a number of other users. When it worked it was awesome – it worked without a hitch until it just plain stopped. First my weekly digest stopped working, then the login to Twitter stopped working so even the sidebar widget fails. Alex will only address bugs if you pay him to investigate. Ugly.

I’ve replaced the Twitter Tools sidebar widget with Twitter Widget Pro – I love its simplicity, and it just plain works. I still need to find a reliable Twitter digest solution. For now I’m doing them manually. I’m looking into whalespine’s Twitter Digest, but don’t trust it since it’s based upon an early version of Alex King’s code. I did try using Twitterdoodle for a digest but it never actually generated one. Even if it did, Twitterdoodle doesn’t let me schedule which day to post the digest. I could live with that if it had output… if anyone out there has a solution that works please let me know.