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The more departments that benefit from your intelligent content solution the more successful your solution will be | Anthony Allen #icc11 # Publishing a blog driven by intelligent content helped ASTD attract new internet search visitors to their website | Anthony Allen #icc11 # Using DITA enabled ASTD to support new ebook formats in less […]

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Ann Rockley: Content Audit is key step in developing an intelligent content strategy #icc11 # Ann Rockley: Making content consistent in structure and style is important for content reuse across multiple devices #icc11 # Ann Rockley: When it comes to making content intelligent "structure will set you free" #icc11 # Ann Rockley modeling 3 recipes […]

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[taxonomy] The Role of Taxonomy in Intelligent Content | TheContentGuy #ICC11 #

The Role of Taxonomy in Intelligent Content

Intelligent Content 2011 - Palm Springs, CA 2/16-18Admittedly, taxonomy is probably the farthest thing from your mind if you’re designing an intelligent content application. My conclusion in working with search and enterprise content management technology is that taxonomy development and management is a key success factor in creating effective intelligent content systems. Taxonomy can inform content types and metadata schema, make for consistent tagging, harmonize disparate structured data, and drive dynamic search and navigation user experiences, even with not-so-intelligent legacy content.