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Weekly Digest for 2010-01-01

This week’s Twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

New WordPress Plugin for a Twitter Weekly Digest

Follow us on TwitterAfter searching high and low for a simple and reliable WordPress plug-in to create a weekly digest of my tweets, I resorted to customizing Tim Beck’s Twitter Digest to support either daily or weekly digests of up to 200 tweets. It’s up and running on the blog and should be generally available soon as an update to Twitter Digest.[Read more…]

Integrating Twitter on my blog and website (and LinkedIn) – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good news is that HootSuite now has a direct integration with the LinkedIn and FaceBook APIs. The bad news is I have yet to find a reliable solution for automating a digest blog post in WordPress. [Read more…]

AIIM Digital Landfill: 50+ ECM Blogs to Follow

John Mancini (Mr. “8 Things”) put a request out on Twitter last week for people to help him build a list of blogs they follow on ECM, ERM, WCM, and Enterprise 2.0., and published the list today on his blog, Digital Landfill. I like that John used some of my favorite social technology to compile […]

Weekly Digest for 2009-09-11

[twitter] MT @codestripper: MT @Shoq INTRODUCING the “Modified Tweet (MT)”: for when it’s more than a retweet. This rocks! [ECM] Challenge: Explain ECM in <= 1 min: Can you do it? via @jmancini77 #AIIM #ECM #video #contest [blog] Success! and blog are now relocated to I love it when stuff WORKS. […]

Twitter on my Website: Update

It’s been four months since I started working to integrate Twitter and other tech into my website to create timely links to industry news and topics of interest. Back in May, I posted a list of next steps for enhancing the news feed and weekly digest, improving the look and feel, and extending status updates to other outlets. Here’s where things stand today.

Contrary to rumor, frequent IM (even to your boss) does NOT increase your productivity

Recent blog posts and tweets report – incorrectly – that frequent IM with your boss increases your productivity. Here’s the straight dope.

Creating a News Digest for My Website

I’ve been looking for some time for a way to simplify how I repost headlines from news sources and blogs, so that I can aggregate them into my own “digest” page of items of interest to share with my readers, network, and followers.  Several things were important to me about how to do this: I […]