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Weekly Digest for 2010-01-08

This week’s Twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Intelligent Content 2010: Making hay from 30 years of legacy content

Join us at Intelligent Content 2010When businesses implement intelligent content, they usually adopt a “day forward” strategy that assures all new content is “intelligent” (in XML and dynamically published), and they minimize the volume of legacy content to convert and migrate. Semiconductor equipment manufacturers – like many other capital equipment manufacturers – support products that last 30 years or more, so legacy technical content is critical to keeping that equipment up, running, and profitable for their customers. In this presentation, we’ll discuss one company’s unique pathway forward to intelligent content. Read more…

Weekly Digest for 2009-09-11

[twitter] MT @codestripper: MT @Shoq INTRODUCING the “Modified Tweet (MT)”: for when it’s more than a retweet. This rocks! [ECM] Challenge: Explain ECM in <= 1 min: Can you do it? via @jmancini77 #AIIM #ECM #video #contest [blog] Success! and blog are now relocated to I love it when stuff WORKS. […]

Weekly Digest for 2009-09-04

[ECM] via ReadWriteWeb: Gartner VP Toby Bell – Six ways to save money on ECM [semantics] via ReadWriteWeb: Oracle 11g R2 to feature native support for OpenCalais tagging of metadata [visualization] via Twine: From Art to Apps: Data Visualisation finds a purpose [ECM] RT @dgschultz @V3_co_uk: EMC adds e-discovery with Kazeon buy […]

Webcast: DITA, Metadata Maturity & the Case for Taxonomy

Our research confirms that organizations that use XML authoring are more mature than their peers with respect to the adoption of best practices for search and metadata. However, the use of native DITA metadata capabilities is rare, and many are also missing out on opportunities to use taxonomy for reuse and improved findability. This webcast will explore the metadata capabilities within DITA and component content management systems, discuss two major benefits that can be achieved by using descriptive metadata and taxonomy, and recommend some best practices for getting started with metadata for component-oriented content.

Weekly Digest for 2009-08-14

[XML] via ZDNet: Microsoft loses patent case on Word “Custom XML” feature, faces injunction [markup] Good post about MARC: is it a format or a data model? What IS a data model?? This bugged me once, too [DITA] Co-wrote article w/ @Stephanie Lemieux for Oct CIDM newsletter on using metadata, #taxonomy to improve […]

SDL Announces the Acquisition of XyEnterprise, New Unit is SDL XySoft

The merger creates organizational stability, a seasoned and unified management team, a strong combined customer base, complete product offerings, and deep XML technical expertise.

How to Turn Tagging into Cash: Take the Metadata Best Practices Survey

We tag stuff to add meaning, and so that we and others – especially information systems – can find it. But is your approach to tagging business content effective? Find out – take the Metadata Best Practices Benchmarking Survey from Earley & Associates and Taxonomy Strategies.