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Weekly Digest for 2009-12-05

This week’s twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

If it’s about Search 3.0, shouldn’t it be Google Cubed?

I’ve been trying to catch up on my surfing after losing a week to a hard drive failure and laptop rebuild.  One pretty big thing I missed was Google Squared (the other was Wolfram|Alpha – I’ll cover that in a separate post).  Google Squared is Google’s answer (or perhaps one of their answers) to semantic search […]

Talis Enters the Public Linked Data Arena

Ever have a data set that was burning a hole in your proverbial pocket, and you just wanted to share it with the world, but had nowhere to put it?  Well now you do.  For some time now Amazon has made large data sets publicly available through their Public Data Sets – but these were […]

Connecting the dots: How XML authoring enables the Semantic Web

What if we start combining semantic web technologies and semantic document technologies?