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Weekly Digest for 2009-05-29

[metadata] Turn Tagging into Business Results: Take the Metadata Best Practices Survey [search] Steve Jurvetson: “All the problems of search would be solved if search relevance was ranked by what browsers were displaying.” [trends] Churchill Club Top Tech Trend#3: A deluge of unstructured data creates the next great information leaders [content management] via […]

How to Turn Tagging into Cash: Take the Metadata Best Practices Survey

We tag stuff to add meaning, and so that we and others – especially information systems – can find it. But is your approach to tagging business content effective? Find out – take the Metadata Best Practices Benchmarking Survey from Earley & Associates and Taxonomy Strategies.

Weekly Digest for 2009-05-22

[TheContentGuy] [Google Squared] If it’s about Search 3.0, shouldn’t it be Google Cubed? [metadata] See how you’re doing with Metadata Best Practices, and save $200 on Henry Stewart conference: [search] belatedly via KM World: Great article on Faceted Search best practices by my colleague Stephanie Lemieux [TheContentGuy] NOT presenting at DocTrain DITA […]

UIMA – First Standard for Accessing Unstructured Information

I posted earlier today at Not Otherwise Categorized… about the announcement last month of OASIS’s new standard for the Unstructured Information Management Architecture, Version 1.0.  Read all about it here:  OASIS Approves UIMA – the first standard for accessing Unstructured Information

Automating CMS metadata – could that work? How?

In a previous post I asked the question, “What if a web service could automatically provide the CMS metadata when you go to check-in a new topic?” In this post I’ll discuss why you would want to do that, some of the candidate technologies, and what is necessary to make it real.

Connecting the dots: How XML authoring enables the Semantic Web

What if we start combining semantic web technologies and semantic document technologies?