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The Role of Taxonomy in Intelligent Content

Intelligent Content 2011 - Palm Springs, CA 2/16-18Admittedly, taxonomy is probably the farthest thing from your mind if you’re designing an intelligent content application. My conclusion in working with search and enterprise content management technology is that taxonomy development and management is a key success factor in creating effective intelligent content systems. Taxonomy can inform content types and metadata schema, make for consistent tagging, harmonize disparate structured data, and drive dynamic search and navigation user experiences, even with not-so-intelligent legacy content.

Weekly Digest for 2009-12-26

This week’s Twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Weekly Digest for 2009-11-14

This week’s twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Twitter on my Website: Update

It’s been four months since I started working to integrate Twitter and other tech into my website to create timely links to industry news and topics of interest. Back in May, I posted a list of next steps for enhancing the news feed and weekly digest, improving the look and feel, and extending status updates to other outlets. Here’s where things stand today.

Weekly Digest for 2009-06-26

[webcast] [search] Earley SharePoint JumpStart 4: 6/25 12:30ET “SharePoint IA vs. The Real World” Register: #spjs

Weekly Digest for 2009-06-19

[semantics] Michael Dunn: “Semantics is the marriage of aboutness, findability, and monetization.” #semtech09 [semantics] Huffington Post A/B tests headlines to improve findability #semtech09 [semantics] Dave McComb: gist – an upper ontology for business that is easy #semtech09 [semantics] Siri virtual assistant on iPhone is the coolest thing I’ve seen in years! #semtech09 [semantics] Tom Gruber: […]

Hybrid Approaches to Taxonomy & Folksonomy – SemTech 2009

Tagging isn’t new – it’s been around for a dog’s age in internet years. But in the past few years some fresh ideas and tools have reinvigorated the social tagging world. These new approaches include an attempt to improve findability through a bit of structure and control. While the idea of adding control to folksonomy seems like going against the whole selling point of social tagging (flexibility, openness), it is bringing the tagging to a new level, making it more viable for practical use in enterprises.

Creating a News Digest for My Website

I’ve been looking for some time for a way to simplify how I repost headlines from news sources and blogs, so that I can aggregate them into my own “digest” page of items of interest to share with my readers, network, and followers.  Several things were important to me about how to do this: I […]