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Weekly Digest for 2009-12-19

This week’s twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Weekly Digest for 2009-12-12

This week’s twitter digest from TheContentGuy.

Weekly Digest for 2009-10-30

[ECM] Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog: SharePoint 2010 Features (includes taxonomy and folksonomy) [space] RT @NASA: Ares I-X new targeted launch time is 10:54 EDT. Must launch by noon or scrub. Winds looking bad. [mashup] RWE: IBM Makes Another Commitment To Mashups | Commentary: TheContentGuy [education] SA Blog: Why Johnny can’t hypothesize: a discussion […]

Webinar: Content Management and Social Media for the Insurance Industry

September 24, 2009 1:00-2:30 p.m. EDT Price: Free John Greene, Managing Director, Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC Seth Earley, President & CEO , Earley & Associates Mike Axelrod, Senior Consultant , Earley & Associates What is the role of Web 2.0 and Social Media in the insurance industry? How do these new technologies and approaches […]

Twitter on my Website: Update

It’s been four months since I started working to integrate Twitter and other tech into my website to create timely links to industry news and topics of interest. Back in May, I posted a list of next steps for enhancing the news feed and weekly digest, improving the look and feel, and extending status updates to other outlets. Here’s where things stand today.

Weekly Digest for 2009-08-07

[fishing] Caught 22″ 2.75lb walleye last night on 3″ chartreuse soft jig. Nice spot on bike trail bridge over Ganargua Creek by Erie Canal [7/30 Rochester NY mystery plane] RT tebrown “I think it was a C130. 4 engine prop. Flew over my neighborhood 3 times.” Thanks!! [social tech] David Armano’s “Social Media Guru Curve”. […]

Contrary to rumor, frequent IM (even to your boss) does NOT increase your productivity

Recent blog posts and tweets report – incorrectly – that frequent IM with your boss increases your productivity. Here’s the straight dope.

Integrating Twitter with My Website

Before Spring Break I blogged a plea for help on integrating Twitter and blogging.  I got some great suggestions – most of them off-line. The biggest challenge I faced was trying to figure out my objectives for using Twitter.  I had basic integration of my tweets into the sidebar on my WordPress blog (using Twitter […]